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Franco La Russa aka Thion
Born 1969 in France

Thion’s work combines some of the value associated with “fine art” (formal
precision and austerity) with those often associated with mass culture (speed
and directness).
Initially inspired by Keith Haring and the American Pop artists with whom he
shared the same interest in popular culture, mass media as well as graffitirelated
sign and symbols, his work has evolved into a style that embraces
different influences.
Thion is continuing experimenting with medium and materials, lines and size,
creating new forms and colour palettes.
He has embraced a new digital medium and he is currently creating work on
an iPad.
Whatever the medium, Th ion strives through his art to make the ordinary
extraordinary. Taking experiences from our daily lives and mundane
happenings and elevate them to magical status.

Freedom Project by Thion_Seite_06_Bild_0001