ArtReach (Leicester, UK)

ArtReach provides exemplary planning, direction and project management to support a range of cultural event delivery. Its work includes projects for Local Authority, venue and cultural organisation clients, as well as a significant body of self generated projects (including Night of Festivals, Journeys Festival and the ArtReach Nanoplex). The company has undertaken work across the UK and internationally (including Spain, Trinidad and India) and has been responsible for brands such as Dance in the Park,The Lyric Lounge, Three Cities Create and Connect, World Arts Platform and Dress the World.


HausDrei (Hamburg, Germany)

The goal of HausDrei is to co-create social cooperation inside the Borough, crossing cultural differences in a tolerant, peaceful and neighbourly way. The focus lies on multicultural communal life, integration and emancipation of excluded people and everyone’s right to education, self-determination, participation and creative self-will. Tolerance and respect are basic values of the House. Beside a variety of in-house events and cultural offerings, HausDrei is also involved in the organization of STAMP Festival and the associated night parade.


FabriC (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The FabriC Regional Cultural centre was established under the Swiss Cultural Programme for south-east Europe in 2006. The aims and objectives of the organisation are for social and cultural development of the region of north/central Bulgaria by strengthening professional competencies of independent artists and institutional capacity of cultural organisations, establishing partnerships amongst these organisations and other stakeholders. FabriC aims to encourage innovative approaches to cultural work with the goal to facilitate creation and promotion of quality cultural projects. FabriC is responsible for delivery of the annual Gabrovo Carnival and the Centre offers a wide range of services to professional artists and cultural organisations in the towns of Veliko, Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Lovech, Pleven, Sevleivo. In 2014 the organisation has been responsible for the nomination application for Veliko/Tarnovo to be considered as potential Bulgarian candidate as European Capital of Culture.


getting-up (Hamburg, Germany)

The studio-community getting-up was founded in 1999 by the artists Gerrit Peters (TASEK), Mirko Reisser (DAIM) and Heiko Zahlmann (RKT one). The aim was to combine creative forces, to implement selected projects together and to use individual experience to grow together. After all, all three are already active as artists in public places for more than 20 years. Their work includes mainly the planning and realization of exhibitions, wall works and sprayings of any kind and size as well as the development of concepts and ideas for upcoming art projects.