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Aitch & Saddo


Born in Roman, Romania in 1985 as Heliana Adalgiza Rotariu.
Artist and illustrator, Aitch has been part of numerous art shows in Romania (Timisoara, Sibiu, Bucharest, Iasi), but also in cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Aalborg, San Jose, Ottawa, etc. She started drawing weird chubby fantastic creatures during her studies at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara, as a sort of subversive reaction to the academical ways of treating the human anatomy. Her artistic work ranges from pink, cute, elegant, to sometimes creepy, semireligious, bizarre characters, mixed in surrealistic sets. She also applies her experience with graphics, painting and character design, in designing, making, sewing plush toys and even her own collections of clothes, often showed in fairs and stores in Bucharest, Berlin, Hannover, Barcelona or Madrid.


Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, Saddo started his artistic career as founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground, in a time when a freshly graduated artist didn’t have other possibilities than to be a graphic designer or a teacher. But his street art activity brought a fresh fun vibe to his way of perceiving art and the world, and opened doors to many different projects, commissions for advertising agencies, collaborations with galleries in Bucharest, Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Glasgow, Salvador, etc.

Going through many different phases and influences, from horror movie posters, street art, comics, Saddo has recently developed his style into more elaborate shapes, with many different influences from old masters of 15th – 17th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Bosch, Brueghel, Walton Ford, naturalistic illustration, pop surrealism, religion, mythology.

His latest projects include his first solo-show, “Rise of The Bird People” at Objectos Misturados Gallery in Portugal, the “Coffins” duo-show with Aitch at La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, in 2014. And his second solo-show, “A Stranger in the Garden”, opening March 13th at BC Gallery in Berlin.

_Saddo_Bangkok Mural

Aitch_Budapest Mural Dresden - Other & Saddo Saddo_Figueira da Foz Mural