Applications, general

Riccardo Matlakas

“My belief is that Imagination is something that everyone is capable of and that an art work is already existing in our minds independently. The issue of my art is then giving to imagination a concrete form. I have a poliedric background since I academically studied Sculpture, Conceptual art and have a dance training.
I experimented so far many art forms that merged into each other and widen the possibilities I have at my disposal to deliver anartwork.
I usually use the media more appropriate for the context I am in. The media I use are: Painting, Performance, Video art, dance (in some specific cases), Photography, Writing and still undefined ones yet to be discovered. I adapt myself quite easily to every project because the broad consciousness of media.
I believe a specific research can lead to an unknown field. Each media I use correspond to a particular Idea; on my opinion all the media are there to serve to one purpose which is the deliver of a concept in a particular cultural context. The relationship with the media I use and the idea is very much related to the nature of the context.
My work content can touch the field of human existence, politics, society, physics, biology, psychology all connected somehow by my theories about energies and universal structures that connects all living and not living existences on the planet. Finally My achievements when I create is to express as best and as deeply I can a certain concept that flourishes usually after a zealous and attentive research and grows then naturally into itís artistic form.”