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Denis Thekko

Denis Thekko (THEKO, MRKO, THK) – is a multidisciplinary artist from Russian Federation who started an independent way of creativity relying only on his own perception of shapes and colors in the early 2000s.
Staying active to these days he develops such activities as: graphic design, illustrations, style-writing, photography, also he creates compositions on canvas and posters.
Besides personal art and design projects are realized.
Denis Thekko and his partner Evgeniya have organized a team, which creates commission art projects that are admired by customers and ordinary people. Because of the people’s delight it involves the team to art movement more and more.
For all those years the team has created more than 100 commission arts and even more non commisioned.
Denis Thekko and Evgeniya took part in several Russian urban festival in Moscow, Saint-Petersberg, Ekatirinburg etc. Their works often publish at international and Russian books and magazines such as: «Pointless», «Urban roots», «Code red», «Spraaay» etc. In 2014 the artworks was published at book «100 European graffiti artists». In addition to this you always can find our graffiti murals at blogs such as: «Globalstreetart», «Topgraffiti», «Urban roots», «Code red» etc.