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Vielen Dank an alle, die uns ihre tollen Bewerbungen für dieses Projekt geschickt haben. Vielen Dank an alle, die sich so intensiv mit Demokratie, Freiheit und Kunst beschäftigt haben. Und vielen Dank an alle, die sich weiterhin damit beschäftigen werden. Die Auswahl war schwierig, denn es gab eine Vielzahl guter Vorschläge, die sich künstlerisch geeignet hätten und wohl auch „handwerklich“ gut umgesetzt worden wären. Doch wir mussten eine Entscheidung treffen, denn auch für ein solches Projekt stehen nun mal nicht unbegrenzte Flächen und Ressourcen zu Verfügung. Ihr findet hier also schon mal eine erste Auswahl von Bildern der realisierten Wandflächen aus Hamburg, die im Rahmen des STAMP 2016 entstanden und aus London, die während des Night of Festivals direkt an der Themse realisiert wurden. Weitere Bilder werden folgen. London (Wand in Elephant and Castle) Golden Green in London (Themse | Tower Bridge) Daniel Thouw (STAMP 2016 | Hamburg) Elian (STAMP 2016 | Hamburg) Zipper & the Double B (STAMP 2016 | Hamburg) sunshiners (Gabrovo Carnival 2015 | Bulgaria) sunshiners (Gabrovo Carnival 2015 | Bulgaria) sunshiners …

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Franco La Russa aka Thion Born 1969 in France Thion’s work combines some of the value associated with „fine art“ (formal precision and austerity) with those often associated with mass culture (speed and directness). Initially inspired by Keith Haring and the American Pop artists with whom he shared the same interest in popular culture, mass media as well as graffitirelated sign and symbols, his work has evolved into a style that embraces different influences. Thion is continuing experimenting with medium and materials, lines and size, creating new forms and colour palettes. He has embraced a new digital medium and he is currently creating work on an iPad. Whatever the medium, Th ion strives through his art to make the ordinary extraordinary. Taking experiences from our daily lives and mundane happenings and elevate them to magical status.


Ronzo a.k.a ëVandal Extraordinaireí is a London based guerilla style artist, as intriguing as the characters he dreams up. Born 1975 in Munich, Germany Ronzo emigrated to London in 2000 shortly after finishing his design studies at the art college of Hamburg. Since his arrival in the UK, he has been busy in his secret underground lair, mapping his imagination onto paper, buildings and creating crazy installations in the street. Ronzoís diverse range of work includes illustrations, wall paintings, outdoor installations and sculptures. The subject of his art deals with social and political issues while keeps the viewer entertained in the same time. Heís mainly known for developing a parallel universe of subversive characters. The creatures, he creates are sometimes of funny appearance but full of double meanings and comments on our society. His diverse artwork and open attitude has gained him respect from mainstream and underground artists alike. He has exhibited alongside heavy hitters such as Banksy, Ben Eine, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Adam Neate and many others. Ronzo was also a key player …

Pablo Diaz Benzo

Pablo DÌaz Benzo. Santiago, Chile. Berlin based. Painter, Graphic Designer and Illustrator born in Santiago (Chile), based in Berlin since 2013. From his youth he spends most of his time and energy in Graffiti and street painting. This activity led him to meet and collaborate with many artists from the Santiago scene and later from the world stage, performing a series of tours in South America and Europe. Result of this experience and under the influence of different characters (from the history of painting and also his contemporaries) began his work in studio (acrylic and watercolor). In 2013 he moved to Berlin where adopts oil as technique and incorporates collage and ceramics as new media, complementing and extending his visual imaginarium. His work is characterized by the construction of confusing and unreal situations where mysterious places, warped furnitures, sleepy plants and collections of interior objects are mixed with abstract shapes, often with a lack of a coherent perspective on the composition of the scenes. Each of the expressions that he works with, feeds each other, …