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Helen Schell

„I specialise in art projects inspired by space exploration and science of the cosmos. This involves collaborating with scientists and takes the form of mixed media installations, large paintings, smart materials costumes and experimental books. These are created under the auspices of Space Agency and employ optical illusions to express the unknown phenomena of the Universe. This work started in 2007 whilst doing an MA in Glass at Sunderland University. Since then, I have collaborated with scientists in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology including a residency at Durham University’s Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, called Space-Time Laboratory. This afforded me the opportunity to meet space shuttle astronauts and visit the UK Dark Matter Laboratory. I am now an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador for education wing of the European Space Agency. Twice, I have been a judge for the NASA Humans in Space Art Competition.“ Helen Schell