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Helge ”BOMBER™” Steinmann born in Hofheim/Ts. (Germany) moved 1992 to Frankfurt/M. (Germany) write Graffiti Aerosol Art / Street Art since 1988 1990 til 1995 studied graphic- and communication-design at the university of aplied science, Darmstadt 1995 Co founder of the first graffiti-art agency worldwide: OXYGEN 1998 Corporate Design for the Hip Hop show Fett MTV and On Air Designs for MTV Networks, London, free designer and graffiti artist, studio behind the studio of photographer Will Mcbride 1999 founded the advertising agency HEADLAB 2003 works as an free creative director, illustrator, conceptioner and graffiti artist, Aersosolist, street artist, urban artist 2005 design of the ligapokal logo for the german soccer league Deutsche Fußball Liga DFL 2008 meet the artist Aliza Olmert in invitation of the city of Frankfurt 2010 commissions for the Cirque du soleil, commission new design of the Leunabunker, Hoechst 2011 fashiondesigns for the Engelbert Strauss 2012 Cartattoos for the movie Iron Sky 2013 Graffiti academy in coop with Schirn arthall 2015 360 m² piece at the International Airport Frankfurt