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“HNRX, Is Not Street-Art Or Typical Type Of Graffiti.
I Would Call Myself More Of An Artist Who Is Often Painting In Public Spaces As On Paper Or Something Else.
I Like The Material Concrete, The Kinds Of Errors And Unevenness In A Wall.
The Background Of My Pictures Mostly Is Not Perfect, So I Have To Make The Best Out Of It.
That Makes Each Picture Individual And Gives It Character. It Feels “Alive.”
That’S The Reason Why I Am Never Painting On Canvas, Only On Carton Or Some Other Material.
Because With All Its Uneveness This Makes It Nearly The Same As A Wall. And Each Carton Has It’s Own Story.
I Started Painting With Cans And Acrylics In 2012. But I Am Still In Love With Art Since I Was Born.
The Most Time When I Am Painting, Im Not Thinking About Anything Else, I Am Just Painting From Me Outwards And Having Fun.
My Art Is Not About Any Political Statement Or About What Happens Around The World. I Want To Transfer My Pictures With Just Fun, Joy, And Love.
Because The World Is Beautiful!”

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